Staffing Procedures

System Parking is all about great people and great service. That’s why our customer service has received television coverage and thank-you notes.

Here are some more details:

Ensuring the best people

  • Great people attract more great people. For this reason, many of our hires come recommended by current staff.
  • The safety of people’s cars is a top priority. Before hiring, we test a candidate’s driving skills. This versatility allows them to perform valet duties to increase revenues in full garages.
  • Situational competency is important. We ask candidates about various scenarios to gauge their responses to the sorts of situations they’ll encounter on the job.

Training for the best service

  • All System Parking employees are trained in the art of top-quality customer service. This starts with friendly greetings and positive attitudes.
  • Impressions are important. This is why we emphasize that our employees’ uniforms are crisp and clean at all times.
  • Employees are trained in the fundamental skills of handling cars, tickets, situations, etc.
  • Our training methodology uses a balance: there’s enough progression to get acclimated, but enough speed to be productive quickly.

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