Revenue Management and Reporting

In over three decades of experience, System Parking has maintained three pillars of revenue management: revenue protection, profit-boosting strategies, and transparent reporting.

Here’s a bit more info about each:

Revenue protection

  • Numerical indexing in our ticketing machinery helps us ensure tickets and revenues match up properly.
  • Vehicle information and tag matching are connected to each monthly pass to prevent multiple users on the same pass. Scannable technology helps cut costs while preventing ticket fraud.
  • Deposits are made each morning. Promptness helps everything stay accounted for, while opting for the morning rather than the night helps ensure safety.
  • Random checks from supervisors happen multiple times per day as an extra layer of protection.

Profit-boosting strategies

  • Valet services in order to park more cars and gain significantly more revenue when garages are full
  • Pricing research and expenditure optimization
    • Payroll is typically a big expense in an organization, so we try to be efficient by using machines when possible.
    • We use on-demand staffing from other locations as needed in order to accommodate high-capacity situations without the extra expenses of a new full-time employee.
    • Surveying the competitive landscape helps keep prices optimal.
  • Car washing services to supplement revenue
  • Selling advertising space in garages
  • Replacing old lighting with bright, energy-efficient lighting

Transparency in reporting

  • We work closely with property managers to provide budgets, projections, variance reports, revenue statements, etc.
  • You’ll get the key numbers in an easy-to-digest format, so you don’t have to sift through confusing paperwork to see what you need.
  • Everyone has different requirements, and we take the time to listen to you in order to fit your unique, custom reporting needs.

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