Industries Served

Different industries have different parking challenges.

We get that.

In over three decades of experience, System Parking has worked with a wide variety of industries ranging from concert venues to government buildings. We’ve also worked with world-famous brands such as AT&T, Best Buy, US Airways, and Kaiser Permanente.

This means you can feel confident we can handle your unique challenges.

Here are some of the categories we’ve worked with:

Office buildings

  • Due to standard office schedules, we recognize the need for smooth entry and exit at peak times and we’re familiar with the staffing, machinery, and logistical considerations this entails.
  • Parking is an important part of building’s revenue, and we work to maximize that using strong revenue controls, intelligent pricing, and cost reduction strategies.
  • A parking garage is an extension of the building’s reputation. For this reason, we maintain clean facilities and prompt, professional, friendly staff.

Sports venues and concert venues

  • At event venues, parking happens in cyclical waves. This means certain days will require extra staffing and overflow parking.
  • When overflow parking is required, our staff provide valet services to maximize revenue.

Malls and retail

  • We provide parking validation for the surrounding locations in order to boost revenue and incentivize parking customers.
  • Our experience maintaining relationships with various stores and vendors helps us to make profitable deals with the surrounding shops.

Medical centers

  • Our staff are trained to handle all sorts of situations that require extra care including parents with infants and people with mobility requirements.
  • Seasoned employees make sure people get through to their appointments smoothly, especially during busy times.
  • We typically arrange parking validation deals when it makes sense.

Mixed-use complexes

  • Mixed-use locations require accommodating competing pressures from multiple categories of facilities. Examples include balancing the daily demands of an office location with the cyclical nature of a sports venue.
  • We make sure staffing, overflow parking, and customer cycles are handled in a way that the surrounding area is sufficiently served while revenues are optimized.

Government buildings

  • Government employees often need to enter and leave multiple times in a day in order to get to meetings around town. Our valet staff members keep all cars arranged in such a way that people can get out quickly, especially when people have important events and can’t wait.
  • Government buildings require stringent security. That’s why we put strong security checks in place for anyone who wants to enter the garage. Safety is a priority, and we don’t compromise on that.


  • One unique challenge of hotels is that they need to be open 24/7. We have experience in this regard, and we know how to staff appropriately.
  • The parking garage is an extension of the hospitality of the hotel. Therefore, we make sure our employees are courteous and clean as always.
  • Hotels we’ve worked with include the Four Seasons, the Watergate Hotel, and the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

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